Alfred’s Basic Piano Course

Level 1A:
How To Sit at the Piano
Fingers Have Numbers
Topography of the Keyboard
Low Sounds and High Sounds
Quarter, Half, Dotted-Half and Whole Notes
White Keys
Time Signatures 4/4 and 3/4
Dynamic Signs p, f, mf, crescendo and diminuendo
The Treble and Bass Clef Signs
The Grand Staff
C-Position and G-position
Legato and Staccato Playing
Measuring Distances in Music
Tied Notes
Incomplete Measures
Sharp and Flat Signs

Level 2:
Dotted Quarter Notes
Measuring and moving in 6ths, 7ths and Octaves (8ths)
Crossing Right Hand and Left Hand 2 over 1
C, G and D Major Scales 
The Primary Triads
Chord Progressions 
The V7 Chord
The Primary Chords in C Major, G Major and D Major
Chord Progressions Using I, IV and V7 Chords
Block Chords and Broken Chords

Piano LessonsLevel 3: 
Extended Positions
Passing 1 under 2 
Passing 1 under 3
Major Scales in Contrary Motion
The Chromatic Scale
The F Major Scale 
Minor Scales
More About 3rds, 5ths and Triads
Introducing the Overlapping Pedal
The Primary Triads in Minor Keys
The Primary Chords in A Major 
The Key of D Minor (Relative of F Major) 
The Primary Chords in D Minor
A New Time Signatures: 3/8 and 6/8

Level 4: 
Eighth Note Triplets 
Triads: The 1st, 2nd Inversions, Seventh Chords and All Positions
Arpeggiated Chords
Major Scales in Parallel Motion
Two-Part Writing 
Seventh Chord Review 
The Key and Primary Chords of E and G Minor
Sixteenth and Dotted-Eighth Notes 
The Bb Major Scale
The Primary Chords in Bb Major 
Harmonic Minor 
Scales in Parallel Motion 
Repeated-Note Warm-Ups

Level 5:
Ornaments: The Long and Short Appoggiaturas, Trills & Mordents
The Key and Primary Chords of B and C Minor
The A and Eb Major Scales
The Primary Chords in A and Eb Major 
A Major Arpeggio

Level 6:
Diminished Triads and Seventh Chord
The Triads of the Major and Harmonic Scales 
The Double Flats and Sharps
Augmented Triads 
The Key and Primary Chords of F# and C# Minor
Polytonal and Atonal Music
The E and Ab Major Scales 
Completing the Circle of 5ths: The Sharp and Flat Key Signatures 
The Primary Chords in E Major, Ab Major and All Positions
Thirty-Second Notes