What People Are Saying

Thank you Miss Amelia for a fantastic music class for our daughter! She looked forward to class every week and even started finding objects around the house to use as drums and instruments. It was fun to watch her musical interest develop so quickly. We look forward to another fun music class this fall! Thank you! -Nicci V. (daughter Sadie – age 2)

I could see my daughter loved piano. I called around to find a teacher but every teacher told me I had to wait until 4-5 years old. My daughter was 3.5 when she started lessons with Ms. Amelia. The lessons are 20 mins and highly engaging for Ruby. She learns something new every lesson and is able to retain the information because it’s just bits of music education. It’s also fun! She has Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear, and many other composer friends. Ms Ameila also lets her dance, sing, and play during the lesson. We hit a road block for our practice at home (which is literally 2-3 mins a day), and my daughter still progressed. When she started using two hands to play keys, she hit another confidence block. Ms Ameila has changed her program to build her confidence and meet Ruby exactly at the emotional level she needs to keep progressing. As an early childhood education major in my profession and now a mother, I’m most impressed with Ms Ameila, her methods, intuition and child related abilities. Bravo and thank you!!
-Chandra G. (daughter Ruby, 3 years)

I knew the Kindermusik classes were one of my son’s favorites when I could see how excited he was when it was time to go to class. He loved all the songs and often sang them on the way home. Amelia is a very knowledgeable and fun teacher, she was able to keep my son engaged and excited through the whole class. -Nichole K. (son Nolan, 4 years)

Miss Amelia’s energy and passion for music made my daughter greatly enjoy her music class. She had so much fun while learning music. The sessions never got boring because new things were always introduced. I catch my daughter singing her favorite songs at home that she learned in the class. Miss Amelia has a patience and kindness that makes the children warm up to her quickly. Thank you Miss Amelia for making my daughter’s first experience with music such a positive one!  -Elizabeth A. (daughter Briana, age 2)

My son loved his music class! Miss Amelia was so great with the kids; energetic and kind, the perfect combination. My son especially loved all the instruments that he got to play! -Emily S. (son Will, age 4)

Kindermusik with Miss Amelia was so insightful because I saw my daughter consumed by the rhythms, concepts and movements of the class. It was a great introduction into music thanks to Amelia’s engaging teaching methods.  -Jennifer M. (daughter Teia, age 4)