Frequently Asked Questions

We love to say YES!

Can I enroll anytime? YES!  Our classes meet year-round with just a few breaks here and there so jump on in. You can always take a break when needed.

Can I really pause at any time? No problem, with 10 days notice. 

Can I try a class before enrolling? Absolutely!  Just click here to enroll.

Do you prorate if I start mid-month? YEP!

Can I bring both children to a Kindermusik Class? Of course! The more the merrier. Whether you enroll children in the same age group, our Combo Class for 1-3 year olds or age-specific classes for each child, well give you a hefty discount for each additional child. You may even bring an out-of-age-group sibling, pending our approval. 

Is there a sibling discount for Kindermusik? Certainly!  Any additional children receive 20% off their monthly tuition.

Can I ever bring a friend? Definitely! Just let us know in advance.

Can I make up a class if my child is sick/sleeping/grumpy/out-of-town? Absolutely! We offer unlimited lifetime make ups for our Kindermusik classes. You can use them anytime, even with a non-enrolled sibling or future sibling. For our Music for Little Mozart lessons, we offer 3 make ups per year. Click here to schedule a makeup.

Can I switch Kindermusik classes if my child changes napping schedule? Sure, pending availability.

Can I switch Kindermusik classes when my child has a birthday or hits a new milestone? Of course! If you every have any questions as to which class is the best fit for your child, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Do we get music for home? Affirmative. We promise hours of singing, playing and cuddling at home since you are your child’s first and favorite teacher. And if you’re shopping around, please keep in mind that our Kindermusik monthly fee includes a new downloadable digital album of 15-20 songs each and every month. We also have actual CD’s for purchase ($5). Our Music for Little Mozart’s Piano Lessons also comes with CD’s for home enjoyment!

Is there any hope for classes that say waitlist? Yes. Spots open up all the time so don’t delay in adding yourself to the list! Well get you in as quickly as we can and wont charge you until we do.

Are newborns really free? You betcha!  Newborns who are 4 months or younger, get their first month of Kindermusik free.

Can babies truly benefit from Kindermusik? A Big Yes! Research has shown that infants are born with billions of nerve cells and a nearly unlimited potential for connections between those nerve cells. Every time an infant has a sensory experience, neural pathways are formed. The greater the number of neural pathways, the greater the brain power. Kindermusik classes offer sooo many opportunities for this type of sensory experience!

Are private piano lessons age-appropriate for my child? Yes, if taught by an early childhood expert! Many teachers do not have the skill base to properly instruct very young children. The traditional “private lesson approach” that teachers have for older kids does not work for children ages 4-6. In our Music for Little Mozarts program, we cater to the specific characteristics of this age group. Our lessons are shorter (only 20 minutes) and we change activities every 3-5 minutes to help with the young child’s shorter attention span. Also, we combine piano technique with songs, movement, musical games and much more. Our lessons are engaging and fun!

My child has special needs. Is Kindermusik for her? Absolutely! Autistic children, children with speech difficulty or delays, children with Downs syndrome, hearing impaired children and those with other physical, emotional and learning disorders have generally thrived AND improved with Kindermusik. 

Is my private information kept secure? You got it! You are part of our family. We keep your personal information private and secure. We will not sell, rent or loan your personal information to any third parties.